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The course of the Mongarlowe River is unique. From its source in the southern wilderness of Monga Forest, it runs some 40kms due north and very close to the escarpment before turning inland to join the Shoalhaven at Charleyong. For the first 10kms it runs through a narrow valley and flat-bottomed drainage plain; the wet organic soils and saturated moss act as a giant sponge ensuring a steady flow of water even in drought times. Another reason for the remarkably constant flow is that the rivers headwaters are situated in a moisture trap.

The Mongarlowe River is as much cloud fed as rain fed - these are the Misty Mountains!. Sea winds forced to condense over the escarpment are 'caught' by the trees and the subsequent drip is an important supply of water to the river, particularly in summer. The Mongarlowe River is a reliable source of very clean water. It is also home to the Macquarie Perch - a nationally threatened species.

We cannot afford the compromise the health and near pristine quality of this river, one of the cleanest in the state.

The Mongarlowe is no mere creek; its constant flow through droughts was recognised by the gold miners in their name “Little River”.
quote by Nigel Wace.