Enhancing local government capacity in natural resource management

Inside-out report structure

An integrated set of reports on local government experiences of natural resource management


Overview and introduction

Executive summary

1) Resilience methodology report

2) Local government analytical themes

Perceptions and Values

3) Local perceptions of the most important environmental problems

4) The foundations of resilient communities

Learning and Understanding

5) Learning about natural resource management problems

6) Responding to the Resilience Outside Information

7) Local contributions to regional and national databases

8) More on the local-state antinomy – what insiders and outsiders understand and misunderstand about one another

Living in and Managing

9) The resources needed to fulfil local government natural resource management roles

10) Local governments, Natural Heritage Trust and Integrated Catchment Management

11) Local government and weeds

Organising and Governing

12) Coordination between spheres of government

13) Consistency in between local and broader plans

14) Engaging local government in natural resource management programs

Other resources


Analytical categories

Codes used in interviews


Outside information natural resource management fact sheets